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Neurotoxins in Miami, FL

Get only the best in neurotoxins at Bella Vida Aesthetics & Wellness. Our selection of neurotoxins offers subtle to dramatic solutions for a range of issues and they’re all expertly performed by our talented injectors.

Iani performing neurotoxin treatment at Bella Vida

What are Neurotoxins?

Neurotoxins, or tox for short, use a form of botulinum toxin that freezes muscles by blocking the nerve ending signals to your brain. This stops the voluntary and involuntary muscle movement associated with dynamic wrinkles, or those caused by the mechanical motion of wrinkles causing folds to the skin. One of the most popular aesthetic anti-aging solutions, tox is a solution to already existing dynamic wrinkles, lines, and mild folds. It also works as preventative care as it stops new wrinkles and folds from forming in the future. Results can last for months and are noticeable almost immediately!

What Can Neurotoxins Do for You?

Neurotoxins are an effective, versatile tool that have a range of aesthetic and medical uses. They can create immediate results or be used as a preventative, and Iani and our team are more than happy to customize them to your needs. Besides being your key to banishing wrinkles, tox can be used to treat TMJ, prevent excessive sweating, and even reduce migraines!

We can also perform “traptox,” which besides aiding in headache care, will create a slimmer and elongated effect for your neck, leading to an overall more graceful and elegant figure. No matter what you’re looking for with your tox, we’re more than ready to make it happen with our expertise!

Before and after neurotoxin treatment at Bella Vida
Happy woman after result of her Neurotoxin treatment at Bella Vida

Am I A Candidate for Tox

Whether you’re looking to smooth existing crow’s feet or prevent laugh lines from forming, you’re a candidate for injectable tox! FDA Approved and one of the most widely used products in aesthetics, tox injectables are safe for most patients, regardless of if we’re treating cosmetic or medical issues. However, if you’re allergic to botulinum toxin or other components of the product, we’ll find another solution for you. We’ll also learn more about you and your medical history in one of our signature free, comprehensive consultations. Incredible results require wonderful service, and that’s what we’ll go over with you in consultation to ensure that tox is the best option for your needs, so don’t hesitate to schedule and find out!

A Variety of Neurotoxins to Meet Diverse Needs

We’ve curated an array of neurotoxin products because different formulations are better for different things. Depending on your needs, they each have their pros and cons, and we’ll choose yours based on what we learn about you, your aesthetic goals, and your aesthetic preferences in consultation. Iani and our team can make miracles happen once we know what you’re looking for. We’ll select the proper product and use precisely the right amount to make your dream results a reality!

The range of neurotoxins we offer allows us to compile a selection for each of your different needs if necessary. For instance, if you’ve found certain neurotoxin injectables irritating in the past, we have smart tox options that offer an allergen-free way to smooth your skin with minimal risk. Whether you’re looking for a longer-lasting option or want to regularly touch up and stop other lines in their tracks for a subtle effect, we can help!

Neurotoxin Treatment & Results:
What to Expect

Each of our treatments follows the highest standards and protocols of care. We will provide you with preparation instructions prior to your appointment, to ensure that you are as safe and comfortable as possible. We’ll start by cleansing the desired treatment area and applying a numbing agent if you are especially sensitive before our injectors deftly insert the product into the targeted location. Once we’re finished, we will give you aftercare instructions, which involve avoiding the sun. You’ll notice your muscles minimally moving within days afterwards, before your wrinkles, folds, and lines are gone for months at a time! We can also schedule your follow up for maintenance if you desire.
Before and after neurotoxin treatment at Bella Vida

Miami’s Premier Neurotoxin Injectors

At Bella Vida, we’re proud to offer concierge services and luxurious treatment to all our patients. No matter what you’re looking for, we pride ourselves on our knowledge, skills, and experience and will work with you to create gorgeous results. We know just how powerful neurotoxins are in the right hands, and we’ve built our reputation as Miami’s premier destination for aesthetics and wellness services in part because of how we use neurotoxins to truly transform your skin. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you can trust us to listen and make it happen: all you have to do is schedule your consultation with us!