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Iani Silveira


Iani Silveira is a Board certified family nurse practitioner who specializes in regenerative and dermatological/aesthetic medicine. Her specialized approach is based on facial balancing and symmetry providing the most natural results. She was raised in Miami, Florida, and graduated with a Master of Science & Nursing, is Board-certified AANP.

In addition to practicing aesthetic medicine, she has advanced facial aesthetic training, Iani is a Cosmetic Aesthetics Nurse, Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse, Certified Pediatric Nurse, Basic Cardiac Life Support, US Stem Cell Certified, and Large Joint Injection Certified.

She provides the highest standards of integrity and medical excellence to helping you enhance the beauty of your face and skin. Her aesthetic sensibility, sound judgment, and specialized expertise in cosmetic injectables have given her a hard-earned reputation for providing fresh, natural results to her patients.

Michelle parlo PA@1080

Michelle Parlo

Physician assistant/ regenerative medicine specialist

Michelle has been practicing as a Physician Assistant for 10 years, first in the area of Colorectal Surgery and then in Rheumatology.

She has been involved with training Residents as well as being on the National Speakers Bureau for two international pharmaceutical companies.

She received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Miami University in Ohio and Physician Assistant degree at Miami-Dade College.

Gabe Colon

Clinical Director at Bella Vida Aesthetics & Wellness

Certified healthcare administrator with 14+ years of experience creating a productive environment for healthcare professionals. Managed a team of 14 admissions staff at Baptist Hospital with over 150+ patients.

Healthcare administration specialist
2005-2 – 2020-10
•Member of the Patient and guest services committee
•Protected patients privacy by following HIPPA regulations.
•Created internal procedures to maintain, develop and implement strategic initiatives.
•Created and implemented over 50 applications a month.

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Bella Vida Aesthetics & Wellness

At Bella Vida Aesthetics, safety being our number one priority, we strive to educate our patients with the range of options available. In today’s society, we can never be too careful. Botox and filler pharmaceuticals can be purchased anywhere and illegally. It is important that you know what is being used for your treatment. We believe you should get what you pay for and because of that, the products we use are FDA approved and directly sourced from pharmaceutical companies in the United States, ensuring the highest purity and potency on the market.