Dani Kym


Dani Kym

“Someone may be self-conscious about one certain part of themselves, but you can build their confidence by changing that small aspect in how they look or how they feel.”
– Dani Kym


Looking good on the outside means pretty much nothing if you don’t feel good on the inside. That’s why Dani Kym, RN, takes pride in her role as Bella Vida’s resident IV therapy whiz. She just has a knack for formulating the right concoction of ingredients to help tackle what ails you.     

Dani handles most of our IV nutrition therapy, either in-house or in the comforts of your home through our mobile concierge service. Some of her more popular treatments include immunity boosting and hangover relief, but there’s so much more she can do.

Though born in Jamaica, Dani has lived in Florida for most of her life. After earning her first bachelor’s degree in psychology from Florida International University in Miami, she found herself wanting to do something more hands on with her career. Medical aesthetics and functional/preventative medicine became something that checked a lot of boxes for Dani.

“It encompasses a lot of things that I wanted to do as far as beauty, working with my hands, and the medical aspect,” she said. “I’ve always been very scientifically inclined, so it seemed like the perfect fit.”

In pursuit of her new goal, Dani went on to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Keiser University. But she’s not done there. She’s also currently pursuing her APRN degree and plans to perform the whole array of aesthetic offerings, as well as continuing in the preventative and restorative medicine field.

“It’s a self-gratifying field where the benefits are almost immediate,” Dani explains. “Someone may be self-conscious about one certain part of themselves, but you can build their confidence by changing that small aspect in how they look or how they feel.”

That “feeling” component is huge with Dani. That’s where her prowess with IV therapy comes in. With her strong background in chemistry and overall knowledge of the human body’s inner workings, she has an amazing flair for knowing exactly what your body needs when it needs it.

“IV therapy helps from the inside out,” Dani said. “A 45-minute to an hour drip with the right essential vitamins can make a big difference in how your body functions and reacts and even contributes to the glow in your skin.”

“I have one patient I see every two weeks. She has a very demanding job and works a lot,” Dani explained. “When I first started seeing her, her skin was gray, she had no energy, and she was feeling down all the time. I was able to pinpoint the right blend of essential vitamins to help her. Now, her skin is bouncy, she has more color in her face, her hair is healthier, longer, and she has so much more energy to enjoy life outside of work.”

Dani continues to innovate custom IV treatments at Bella Vida, offering concentrated solutions for a range of distinct needs, such as migraines, hangovers, colds, acne breakouts, menstrual issues, digestive problems, and so much more. And when she completes her nurse practitioner program, she’ll branch out even further with IV therapy through prescription treatment plans as well foraying into injectables, such as neurotoxin and dermal fillers.

In working with Iani, Dani is excited to be more immersed in all aesthetics has to offer. Learning from a top provider in the industry gives her a huge head start.

On the rare occasion Dani’s not studying or adding a pep in the step of her clients (which includes a few celebrities), she enjoys traveling and playing with her two small dogs.

To make an appointment for one of Dani’s stellar IV treatments, call (786) 338-8346 or to book online, click here.