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Priapus Shot for Men in Miami, FL 

Rediscover your sexual self and gain more satisfaction with the innovative Priapus Shot!
Iani performing neurotoxin treatment at Bella Vida

What Is the Priapus Shot?

A Shot of Confidence

The Priapus Shot is a simple penile injection that restores function and rejuvenates the penis. We use your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is full of growth factors and other components required for cellular regeneration, for direct and targeted rejuvenation, utilizing the body’s natural healing capabilities for long-term results. PRP helps invigorate the natural healing process for targeted regeneration, but don’t worry: we use a numbing agent so you barely feel anything when we inject it.

Reclaim Your Virility with the Priapus Shot!

The Priapus Shot is entirely non-surgical, biocompatible, and uses natural processes for safe and effective rejuvenation where you need it most. We can treat many aspects of the sexual self with the Priapus Shot, including:

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Peyronie’s disease (PD)
  • Difficulties achieving and maintaining erection
  • Temporary increase in girth and length (up to 10-20%)
  • Increased pleasure and sensation
  • Reduced pain
  • Low sex drive
  • Penile insecurity
Before and after neurotoxin treatment at Bella Vida
Happy woman after result of her Neurotoxin treatment at Bella Vida

Am I a Candidate for the Priapus Shot?

Inject Pleasure Back into Your Life!

Because the Priapus Shot uses PRP, it’s a safe and effective options that only carries a few side effects: most men of sexual age who are dealing with dysfunction, frustration, lack of motivation, and are otherwise healthy are great candidates! Our team is here to ensure the Priapus Shot is right for you, which we’ll determine in consultation where we will discuss your goals, medical history, and more.

Priapus Shot Treatment & Results: What to Expect (Besides Sexual Enjoyment!)

We’ll give you preparation instructions in consultation prior to your appointment: this includes things like avoiding alcohol that can make healing difficult. Once you’re in, we’ll draw the blood and separate out the PRP. It doesn’t take very long, and we’ll numb the injection site to ensure your comfort. Then, we’ll inject you and give you a cold pack for extra soothing. You’ll notice results within the days following your appointment, and you should experience little to no downtime aside from mild soreness. Results typically last up to 18 months.
Before and after neurotoxin treatment at Bella Vida

Miami’s Premier Priapus Shot Providers  

For your aesthetic and wellness related care, you deserve experts who go beyond “good enough.” That’s our philosophy at Bella Vida: concierge care with an emphasis on scientifically backed treatments, world-class technology, and compassionate providers who will put you at ease. When it comes to the Priapus Shot, we understand how self-conscious one can feel and here to tell you that our exceptional injectors operate with the highest discretion. We’ve seen the wonders possible with PRP and want to bring that confidence to anyone struggling with their sexual wellbeing: discover what the Priapus Shot can do for you when you schedule a consultation!