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Michelle Parlo

Michelle Parlo

Physician Assistant/Regenerative Medicine Specialist

Michelle Parlo

“If you are called to be a healer in any way, making people better is all you want. People call me and tell me they can do things they couldn’t do before. That’s what it’s all about. It’s very fulfilling.”
– Michelle Parlo


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Looking great on the outside means little if you don’t feel so great on the inside. As far as experiencing good health and wellbeing and promoting optimal tissue healing, few things compare to the power of regenerative medicine. Regenerative Medicine Specialist Michelle Parlo, PA, is a true expert when it comes to this specialized form of medicine.

As a Physician Assistant for more than 18 years, Michelle has devoted much of her career to the up-and-coming practice of regenerative medicine. Fairly recent medical advancements have led to harnessing the human body’s intrinsic ability to heal itself and even enhancing it for greater healing properties. When Michelle was first introduced to this form of medicine thanks to a pioneer in the field, Dr. Kristin Comella, she just knew she had to be a part of it.

“When I first met her and I found out what she did, I just started asking lots of questions,” Michelle said. “I would have her send me the research she was doing. I even sent some of my patients to her. I just innately knew this was the way to heal people, so I jumped at signing up for the training.”

When Dr. Comella was looking for help at her clinic, Michelle was more than willing to throw her name in the hat. She started working part-time but eventually ended up running daily operations, which she continued to do for six years.

“I just knew this is what I wanted to do,” Michelle said. “So many of the treatments we do in medicine are reactive instead of actually healing the underlying issue. Often, we’re kind of putting out fires or covering up the problem. Using regenerative medicine is one way to really address the underlying issue.”

Michelle eventually crossed paths with Iani Silveira, who also recognizes the benefits of regenerative medicine. Michelle’s extensive background in the field as well her experience training other providers made it paramount for Iani to enlist her services at Bella Vida Aesthetics & Wellness. Now, our clients can experience the healing power of regenerative medicine for themselves.

“These are the cells the body makes automatically to heal and repair damaged tissue,” Michelle explains. “We are just taking them out and putting them back in in a large amount.”

Any good healthcare professional wouldn’t administer a treatment that they wouldn’t use themselves. That said, Michelle knows from personal experience what these amazing treatments can do.

“I tore my knee skiing and I knew exactly what I had done when I fell,” she said. “It was a tear in the lateral collateral ligament. As soon as they brought me down the mountain, I called the clinic and had cells waiting for me when I got back. I never had surgery and I was back at the gym that next week.”

Aside from her own success story, Michelle has witnessed the benefits in droves of patients for a myriad of conditions, more than enough to keep her believing regenerative medicine isn’t going anywhere. With each new satisfied patient, Michelle is constantly reminded why she’s exactly where she needs to be.

“It’s the best. I absolutely look forward to every procedure for every patient I can help,” she said. “If you are called to be a healer in any way, making people better is all you want. People call me and tell me they can do things they couldn’t do before. That’s what it’s all about. It’s very fulfilling.”

To learn more about the amazing possibilities through regenerative medicine and to schedule an appointment with Michelle, simply click here to book online or call us at (786) 338-8346 today.

*Regenerative treatments using human growth factors have not been approved thus far by the FDA. There is countless anecdotal evidence on the benefits as well as numerous published studies, but the research remains ongoing.