Because I value your time and mine as well I will be introducing a $250 rescheduling fee  for any changes less than 24 hours before your appointment.

A late fee of $150 will be added to your services if the patient is more than 15 minutes late to the appointment to be considerate of the appointment following yours.

Thank you for understanding and please make arrangements to arrive on time because we are in Miami and traffic gets a little crazy!

These are free!! ( but if you are booking at the same time a booking fee will be placed at $250 to secure your spot in my schedule.

$250 that will be used towards your treatment. If you reschedule less than 24 hours from appointment time then you will need to rebook and fee will be charged.

By appointment only

Injections & Treatments

Our team of injectors are all board-certified medical professionals. All of our Expert Injectors have undergone a rigorous 3 month fellowship program in hands-on injectable training, encompassing 350 hours.

We treat our office like a true medical hospital. The team has done thousands of procedures and have worked with every face and lip type.

Our injectors do one thing and do it the best.