What to Expect for Your Bella Vida Instant BBL™

BBL treatments in Miami by Bella Vida Aesthetics
Congrats on being on your way to the beautiful booty you’ve been dreaming of with our Bella Vida Instant BBL™! If you’re a first timer, you’re probably wondering what to expect. Let’s talk about that, shall we?

Prior to Your Injections

First of all, it’ll really help if you’re freshly showered when you arrive for your treatment. Iani will perform an additional medical cleansing of the treatment area to start things off when you arrive. After a series of before pictures are taken, Iani will then use a marker to indicate the strategic areas where the Radiesse® injections will go based off your personal desires (which will be thoroughly discussed and evaluated during your initial consultation). Then, she’ll numb your butt to ensure you’re totally comfortable during treatment.

During Your Injections

When you’re all numbed up and it’s time for the injections, Iani will use a syringe of 3ml of lidocaine to inject 1ml into each insertion point. Then, using a cannula, she will begin injecting the Radiesse in the sub-dermal layer of your skin in each strategic area one at a time. Pressure will be applied using a gauze held to the injection site for about three minutes after the cannula is removed. That helps the injected filler stay put. Finally, special bandages will be carefully applied to the injection sites.

As for the amount of filler, Iani will generally use 10 syringes of Radiesse for those electing a half BBL treatment. For people wanting a full treatment, 20 syringes will usually be used.

Bella Vida Instant BBL

After Your Injections

While you’re free to go on with most of your daily activities after your treatment, we recommend no pressure be applied to the injection sites for about 48 hours. That means don’t sit on your butt for too long for the first couple of days. Also, minimize any strenuous activity, don’t submerge your butt in water, and avoid sun and heat exposure as best you can. By comparison, there is usually about six weeks of downtime needed following a surgical BBL.

Your butt will most likely feel sore for a few days but you can still hit the town that same night as your treatment if you wanted to. Iani likes to describe this soreness as feeling like you did 100 squats with 300 pounds. But don’t worry, because that soreness will taper off and your booty will have you smiling from ear to ear.

Side Effects of the Bella Vida Instant BBL™

Mild bruising is the most common side effect and typically subsides within a week. Other common side effects include swelling, redness, itching, and pain at the injection sites. These effects are typically mild in nature and generally resolve quickly on their own. Though rare, prolonged swelling, firmness in the injection area, or infection are possible.

Iani will thoroughly go over all potential side effects and make sure you have a clear understanding of what to expect before your BBL treatment.

Number of Treatments Needed

In some situations, it may not be possible to achieve optimal results with a single procedure. If that’s the case, Iani will determine how many treatments will best fit your needs. Keep in mind most fillers do dissipate over time. So, to maintain your results, you may want to consider repeating the injection process in intervals. We’ll go over all that at your consultation, too.

Lasting Results

Results of a fuller, more pleasing posterior are most-often instant. After all, “instant” is in the name. Furthermore, since Radiesse is a biostimulator, it increases your body’s own collagen production. This often translates into results that last anywhere from two to five years in many cases!

We’re only a phone call away!

If you find yourself with any questions that aren’t answered here prior to your Bella Vida Instant BBL™, then don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us at (786) 338-8346. Otherwise, we can’t wait to see you on the day of your treatment!