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While our very own Iani Silveira, MSN, FNP-BC, CPN, developed the patented nonsurgical alternative known as Bella Vida Instant BBL™, the traditional Brazilian butt lift was founded by a plastic surgeon named Ivo Pitanguy, who was based in Brazil back in the 1960s.

With minimal scarring and a shorter recovery time, the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) has a number of advantages over the more traditional butt implants.

As with any cosmetic surgery, it’s important to understand how the treatment works and what to expect after the surgery. So if you’re thinking about enhancing your butt, here is what you should know about the Brazilian butt lift.

The Traditional Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

The traditional, or surgical, Brazilian butt lift involves using liposuction to take fat from other areas of the body like the abdomen, lower back, and thighs. The fat is then put through a purification process and injected back into the buttock to achieve fullness.

People often confuse the Brazilian butt lift with butt implants, but it is a completely different cosmetic procedure. Butt implants use silicone implants that are inserted into the buttock, which is why there is more scarring in comparison to the BBL, which uses injections.

There is also another form of Brazilian butt lift that’s even less invasive than the standard BBL, and it’s known as the Instant BBL by Bella Vida. The difference with the Instant BBL is that dermal fillers are used for the treatment instead. This means that there is no fat removal needed and a very quick recovery time.

Who Is This Treatment For?

Having a curvy bottom that’s sculpted to perfection is high on many women’s lists – and the versatility of the BBL makes it a popular choice for achieving these aesthetic goals.

The BBL is the ideal treatment for anyone that wants to:

  • Increase the curves in the butt
  • Improve the shape of the butt
  • Get rid of indentations in the hip area
  • Increase tautness of the butt
  • Reducing fat in other areas while enhancing the butt simultaneously

But it is not suitable for anyone with the following:

  • A lot of excess skin and sag (the treatment will not get rid of this)
  • Not enough fat stored in the body

If you don’t have enough fat for the standard BBL treatment, a great option is the Instant BBL.

With the Instant BBL, you can still achieve the same desired look but without the more invasive procedures in the standard BBL like liposuction.

Here are some advantages of the Bella Vida Instant BBL™:

  • Women with or without fat are suitable for the treatment
  • Much shorter recovery time than both the standard BBL and butt implants
  • Uses FDA-approved dermal fillers
  • Does not rely on your own fat content so you can truly customize your look
  • No surgery needed

Which one you choose will depend on your own circumstances, but what is most important is that you choose an experienced practitioner when it comes to Brazilian butt lifts.

While the BBL uses your body’s own fat resources and the Instant BBL uses dermal fillers, both will give your derriere a natural look.

How Many Treatments Do You Need?

The BBL normally takes just one session to complete and can take up to 4 hours for the surgery on the day. You will also need to go under local anesthesia for the liposuction to be performed, as this will involve making small incisions into the areas where the fat is taken.

Depending on the result after treatment using the BBL method, some patients may need to go for another treatment session. This can be due to different factors such as the fat being partially absorbed back into the body, therefore affecting the outcome.

In comparison, the Instant BBL normally takes two to three treatments for the desired result including additional treatments if needed. This will vary from person to person since no two butts are the same.

Recovery Time

Recovery time is around 6 weeks for BBL due to the surgery involved, which is a big part of the treatment. Due to the long downtime, taking time off for the procedure is important to heal properly. You will not be able to sit or lie on your bottom for the first two weeks, and all forms of intense exercise should be avoided until your butt has fully healed.

On the other hand, the Instant BBL requires minimal recovery time, making it a great alternative for ladies that don’t have the luxury of taking six weeks off. Recovery usually takes around a week – patients should avoid sitting on the bottom area for two days and to skip all exercising for the whole week. 

How Long Do the Results Last?

A Brazilian butt lift is a permanent procedure, but how long it lasts will depend on your lifestyle and how well you take care of your butt. It can last from several years to over a decade if you follow the maintenance guidelines post-surgery. 

In contrast, the Instant BBL has a shorter duration due to the dermal filler gradually absorbing into the body, unlike fat cells. At Bella Vida, the Instant BBL is done using Radiesse, which is a type of dermal filler made from calcium hydroxyapatite.

It’s one of the most natural fillers on the market and is known to stimulate collagen production in the body. If maintained properly, the Instant BBL typically lasts for up to two years. The advantage of this is that you have more flexibility if you want to change the shape of your bottom later on.

One of the most common questions asked is whether the BBL will sag, and the answer is yes. Whether you have the BBL or the Instant BBL, the bottom will still naturally change over time from gravity, weight loss, aging, and exercise.

Should You Get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian butt lift is constantly evolving with newer techniques that are safer and require less downtime. But deciding which treatment is right for you is down to personal preference and suitability.

Do you want to get the curves that you’ve always dreamed of but are unsure of where to start? Or are you looking for advice and a treatment plan that is tailored just for your body?

Then contact BellaVida Aesthetics today for a personal consultation with Iani Silveira aka the “Booty Queen”.