Bella Vida Instant BBL™ Credentialed Providers

Our very own BV Instant BBL™ is part of a multi-year commitment by Iani Silveira, MSN, FNP-BC, CPN to provide an alternative to many different BBL techniques for convenience and lessen downtime. Today, many providers have attended extensive training with Iani to learn this very technique and are certified to offer the Bella Vida Instant BBL™ to their own patients. Below is a list of qualified injectors that have trained in person and are current with updates to this amazing BBL treatment option. If you can’t make it to Miami to see Iani, consider these providers for your butt lift treatment option.

Photo of Yisel Aguila NP

Yisel Aguila, NP

Kalieba Medspa

Miami, FL

Photo of Briege Azadi MSN, ARNP, FNP

Briege Azadi, MSN, ARNP, FNP


Photo of Christina Barbat MD

Christina Barbat, MD


Birmingham, MI

Photo of Michelle Barnes MD

Michelle Barnes, MD

Dermacare Brickell

Miami, FL

Photo of Djenane Bartholomew DNP, MA, MBA,RN

Djenane Bartholomew, DNP, MA, MBA,RN

Forever Iuvenis

Brooklyn, NY

Photo of Shino Bay Auilera MD

Shino Bay Auilera, MD

Shino Bay Cosmetic Dermatology

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Photo of Ryan Bourgeois FNP-C

Ryan Bourgeois, FNP-C

Bougie Aesthetics

Fort Worth, TX

Photo of Barbara Brandt ARNP

Barbara Brandt, ARNP


Photo of Gali Cigdem PA-C

Gali Cigdem, PA-C

GaliDerm Aesthetics

Royal Palm Beach, FL

Photo of Kimberly Copeland PA-C

Kimberly Copeland, PA-C

ZenTox Aesthetics

Boca Raton, FL

Photo of Daidi Cruz ARNP

Daidi Cruz, ARNP

Facial Mania Med Spa

Delray Beach, FL

Photo of Shay Dehnovi MSN, ARNP,

Shay Dehnovi, MSN, ARNP,

Shay Novi Aesthetics & Wellness

Miami, FL

Photo of Samantha Deubler LME, CLT

Samantha Deubler, LME, CLT

Ageless Medical

Photo of Cesar Fernandez MD

Cesar Fernandez, MD

Symmetrik MD

Miami, FL

Photo of Linda Gordon DNP, ACNP

Linda Gordon, DNP, ACNP

Tighter Lines Aesthetics

Jupiter, FL

Photo of Jessica Greichunos BSN, RN

Jessica Greichunos, BSN, RN

CEO of Evolve Med Spa

Photo of Ventricia Harris-Victor MD

Ventricia Harris-Victor, MD

Practice Flurroge

Photo of Dana Kirk NPI

Dana Kirk, NPI

Rejuvenate Austin

Austin, TX

Photo of Jessica Lauren NCCPA

Jessica Lauren, NCCPA

The Botox Lady

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Photo of Yudanis Ledesma RN-BSN

Yudanis Ledesma, RN-BSN

Wellness Plusmed

Photo of Dannielli Marcelino RN, CLT

Dannielli Marcelino, RN, CLT

Suddenly Slimmer

Photo of Yunaisi Medina ARNP

Yunaisi Medina, ARNP

Dermacare Brickell

Miami, FL

Photo of Otto Medinilla MD

Otto Medinilla, MD

The Laser Lounge Spa

Naples, FL

Photo of Wanda Minnis-Dyson MD

Wanda Minnis-Dyson, MD

Change for life Wellness & Aesthetics

Washington, DC

Photo of Alberto Nader RN, CME, CANS

Alberto Nader, RN, CME, CANS

Aromas Medspa

Doral, FL

Photo of Rebecca Newsome PA-C

Rebecca Newsome, PA-C

Authentic Aesthetics – Richards Plastic Surgery

Las Vegas, NV

Photo of Arasay Rodriguez ARNP

Arasay Rodriguez, ARNP

Aromas Medspa

Doral, FL

Photo of Michelle Rowan Mostek RN

Michelle Rowan Mostek, RN

Biocore HealthRX

Stuart, FL

Photo of Claduia Sanchez FNP-BC

Claduia Sanchez, FNP-BC

Aromas Medspa

Doral, FL

Photo of Ben Shatil MD

Ben Shatil, MD

YS Aesthetics

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Photo of April Sigg RN, CCE/CME

April Sigg, RN, CCE/CME

The Laser Lounge Spa

Photo of James Stern MD

James Stern, MD

Memorial Healthcare systems

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Photo of Lucynda Tomanio RN,BSc

Lucynda Tomanio, RN,BSc

The Injectables Nurse

Photo of Kalie Valdes ARNP

Kalie Valdes, ARNP

Kalieba Medspa

Miami, FL

Photo of Sanny Vasallo ARNP

Sanny Vasallo, ARNP

Makeover Aesthetics

Aventura, FL